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2012 – A New Year Begins

It is that time of year again – people are slowing getting back into work and real life. For some of us, it is exciting with a renewed sense of energy. For others, there is a slump, the realisation that the holidays are over and real life is upon us once again.

I am somewhere in-between the two – excited for the year ahead, although part of me still wishes I was on holiday! The new year has started off with a bang – life gets so busy it is easy to forget that you even have had a holiday.

This year, I have set myself a new goal and entered the Two Oceans half marathon. This scares me because firstly, I am a very slow runner and secondly, I really don’t like failing. At all.

So I am going to take my new found energy and focus on my training programme. I will take it one day at a time. Hopefully, I will be running through the finish line in a few months time.