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My First 21k!

I have been running for the past few years, but had never taken it more seriously than a casual jog.

Last year, I had this crazy thought and I said to my husband – “Why don’t we enter the Two Oceans half marathon next year?” – which we promtly did.

I started off in Janaury with the best of intentions. I stuck to my training programme diligently. I even entered a few 10k races. As the year wore on and life started to get busier, it was harder to stick to my training routine. As the race drew near I was terrified.

I considered dropping out. I did not tell anyone what that I had entered the race because I was sure that I would not finish in the allocated time.

Once we arrived in Cape Town, it was even worse. I do not like to run in the rain – and there seemed little hope of a dry race.

On the morning of the race, I decided to do my best and at least give it a try. The day started off well, with dry conditions.  The first hour did not seem so bad at all.

Then the rain started. Not just a tiny drizzle, but as anyone who was out there on the day will tell you, it poured! I was completely soaked – the wind and rain did not let up.

I must admit that I considered quitting – but all I wanted to do was finish.

Which I did – I was so proud of myself. Just under the cut-off in 2:48! I am so proud of my medal!
My Medal!

Will I ran another 21k? I am not sure. At the moment I am just pleased that I finished this one – I proved to myself that I can do it. If I could complete a hard race in awful conditions – it can only be easier the next time.

During the race